‘I have read most of the book in about 6 hours continuous reading, and am tremendously impressed, an amazing bold work which must surely be one of the most fascinating published in the past ten years’

Colin Wilson
 -The Outsider, Super Consciousness, From Atlantis to the Sphinx-

‘A thoughtful, provocative
and inspiring book which offers an understanding of history that can help us negotiate the enormous challenges of our own times’

Timothy Freke
-The Jesus Mysteries,
How Long Is Now?-

'A provocative new interpretation of the rise and decline of civilization as humanity emerged from the last Ice Age...Engaging
 and thought-provoking, it is sure to leave the astute reader with a new outlook on the big issues’ Robert M. Schoch, (Ph.D. Boston) -Voices of the Rocks-

Did an elite of shamanic, megalithic city builders thousands of years ago in the distant past have a secret knowledge of quantum physics and alchemy that enabled them to live in harmony with Nature and in urban comfort? Could we now re-establish their ancient archetype of city living in order to save C21st civlisation from eco-suicide?